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Renovate your bathroom with style!


Serving Quebec and the surrounding cities, CONSTRUCTION RÉNOVATION S. AUCLAIR offers comprehensive residential and commercial bathroom renovation services.

Would you like to change the look of your bathroom to make it an excellent relaxation space? Our team can transform it into a luxurious and functional room that meets your tastes and needs.

We can: add a new bathtub or jacuzzi; replace the vanity, countertop, plumbing fixtures, and sink; add storage units; change or add lighting fixtures; install moldings; lay ceramic tiles on interior and exterior floors, as well as in the shower or entrance (standard joints and epoxy joints).

We can also install heated flooring, repaint, replace a shower (we specialize in adding curbless Italian showers with linear drains), and more.

You'll only need to add your new decoration items, curtains, towels, and accessories! We will plan the renovation of your bathroom with you to maximize space, aesthetics, and functionality.


Since your bathroom serves as your preferred relaxation space after a day of work (a hot bath with bubbles, candles, and stylish decor always has a calming effect), you should give it some thought during its renovation. By making the right choices in materials and decorative elements, you can renovate your bathroom while staying within your budget.

Here are some decorating tips that can help you plan your bathroom renovation:

  • Choose a beautiful vanity, an original countertop, as well as sinks and plumbing fixtures that make a statement. This is the central piece of your bathroom, so it's important to showcase it.
  • Install a curbless shower with clear or semi-privacy glass, which will add a modern look to your bathroom.
  • Change the ceramic tiles on the floors, in the shower, and on the dado to give your bathroom a completely different look. The ceramic tile models available on the market are now very stylish and enhance the room, making it instantly luxurious.
  • Add moldings and a new paint color to transform the decor inexpensively.
  • Consider installing recessed lights above your sink to change the ambiance.


Bathroom renovation often involves replacing the shower. Our team specializes in installing Italian showers. These curbless, glass-enclosed showers are practical because they are easy to enter and exit without problems. Recreating the look found in spas, these showers make bathrooms appear much larger, airy, and stylish.

Curbless showers can also include heated flooring, seats, shelves, and steam or multi-jet showers. We will present you with the available options and models of plumbing fixtures offered by manufacturers.

The ceramic or porcelain tiles chosen for your curbless shower can be small or very large, in plank or mosaic shapes. The patterns and textures can perfectly mimic various types of stone or wood. The result is so realistic! Our team will show you the many tile models offered by the best manufacturers.

Curbless showers benefit from a linear drain, which allows for a single slope and can extend (if desired) the large ceramic tiles from the bathroom floor into the shower.

For seniors or those with reduced mobility, a curbless shower installation is recommended as it is convenient and safe. Italian showers are generally larger and can include a tiled shower seat or bench. A support rail can also be installed.


For businesses, institutional buildings, and professional offices, having an attractive and stylish bathroom helps project a positive image to customers. An outdated-looking bathroom does not inspire confidence in the quality of products or services offered.

Commercial bathroom renovation can include: laying new ceramic tiles on the floor and walls; changing toilet doors; replacing countertops; adding automatic flush toilets; as well as adding a modern vanity, sinks, and plumbing fixtures.

It is also possible to regrout and repaint; install new mirrors; add accessories (hand dryers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, etc.); install a ventilation system; add or replace windows, install decorative elements, etc. It is even possible to expand your commercial bathroom.


Have your bathroom renovation carried out by an experienced team that can provide effective advice and successfully complete your project within your budget. CONSTRUCTION RÉNOVATION S. AUCLAIR offers a turnkey bathroom renovation service, including plumbing and electrical connections.

Contact us now to explain your bathroom renovation project. We can provide advice and offer a free quote. CONSTRUCTION RÉNOVATION S. AUCLAIR serves Quebec, Lac Beauport, and the surrounding cities.


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